bewell champion program

The BeWell Champion Program is available for medical group and academic medical group sites. Champions play an important role in supporting and promoting health and wellness across the Penn State Health system.

Program Goal

Create a network of passionate individuals who are eager to implement wellness initiatives. This program will empower BeWell champions by training and equipping them to create and promote a culture of wellness.

As a BeWell Champion, you will:

      • Find out what wellness initiatives your coworkers are interested in
      • Identify potential gaps and work with local resources to address wellness gaps.
      • Improve wellness at your site with funding provided.
      • Implement wellness initiatives that your coworkers will participate in.
      • Gather comradery around wellness initiatives.
      • Serve as liaison to between Penn State Health sites and departments and Human Resources.
      • Communicate information about wellness offerings and programs to peers at your site.
      • Distribute flyers, brochures, and announcements amongst departments/units either
        electronically or verbally.
      • Motivate and encourage staff to engage in wellness activities.
      • Gather feedback from coworkers regarding wellness initiatives.

Participate in four calls and two in-person events with other BeWell Champions throughout the year.

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