It’s four weeks into 2022 and despite the best of intentions, you may be losing steam toward reaching those goals you set out for the new year. You are not alone – nearly 90% of all resolutions are abandoned by the end of February. Changing a habit or establishing a new one isn’t easy.

If it’s time to recommit, you should also take a moment to reflect. Look back over the past few weeks at what obstacles you faced and where you made progress. With those considerations in mind, you can use this three-step plan to recharge your efforts:

  • Write it Down and Commit to Thirty Days: Writing down your end goal makes it perfectly clear. If your resolution was to save more money, start with a specific amount or percentage of your income per month. SupportLinc’s financial calculators can help you determine a realistic amount to save for the next few weeks. Then after 30 days, evaluate and adjust as needed. If you need a bit of extra guidance, SupportLinc offers no-cost financial consultation by calling 888-881-5462. 
  • Start Simple and Stay Consistent: It’s easy to get excited and go all in at the beginning. Starting small is actually smarter. When you see progress and experience success, it is easier to continue forward momentum to achieve your goal. For instance, organizing your home top to bottom can seem daunting. Implement one simple step, such as always hanging your keys next to the door, putting shoes in a designated spot or charging your phone in the same location every day. After that becomes a habit, tackle a new challenge. Watch the 3 Tips to Declutter Your Home video for more ways to get organized in stages.
  • Know the Roadblocks and Plan Ahead: Without a bit of preparation, the first bump you encounter can easily knock you off your path. If you have resolved to eat better, stock up on fresh foods and healthy snacks. Add a new fruit or vegetable to your grocery list each week and soon you will have transformed the way you eat. Check out the WellBeing Place blog for delicious and easy to make recipes.

SupportLinc Coaching Services: SupportLinc includes access to personalized coaching that can boost your emotional fitness and wellbeing. With guidance and tools provided by your SupportLinc Coach, you can change habits, establish new routines and build resilience. For more information and help to decide if coaching through SupportLinc is right for you, call 888-881-5462 today.

For in-the-moment support from SupportLinc’s licensed clinicians, call 888-881-5462. Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at no cost to you.

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