Validation starts with the self. To address this, you must understand your internal experience as well as your actions and behaviors. People often fight how they feel, judging themselves about how they experience situations and events. Sometimes a person prefers ignoring how they feel insides, numbing themselves with substances and other sabotaging habits.

How Can I Learn to Be More Self-Validating?

It helps to name your emotions. The act of identifying what you are feeling can be confusing, you may therefore need to ask yourself what triggered the feeling in the first place. It’s also important to show yourself some kindness, people are often quick to discount their feelings and engage in self-criticism.

How Can I Learn to Be More Validating of Others?

The actions that allow one to be more validating of the people in their life are similar to those that undergird self-validation: kindness and empathy. If a person is struggling, help them identify how they feel, and what triggered the feeling as well. Show some empathy even if you feel you are the target of their negativity.

Do People Who Feel Validated Enjoy Stronger Relationships?

Listening to a partner’s point of view strengthens the bond of a relationship and builds on it. Validation, however, does not mean a partner must agree with whatever is being communicated and shared, it just means that they are hearing you out. Validating a partner confirms the importance of the relationship.