How to save money and time, while still eating healthy. It’s no secret that food prices have increased over the past few months across the country, and if you’re wondering how to continue eating healthy while not breaking the bank, you’re not alone.

With WeightWatcher’s list of meal planning tips, you can make easy, healthy meals on a budget and rest easy.

Meal tips:

  • Incorporate inexpensive staples: Think things like dry beans and lentils, eggs, whole grains, pasta, seasonal produce, frozen veggies, oats, bananas, tinned fish, and peanut butter.
  • Use lentils/rice and beans/rice: This creates a complete protein to make satisfying and healthy meals.
  • Eat seasonally: Buy produce at your local farmer’s markets because they will typically be less expensive than grocery stores and may have bulk deals.
  • Batch cook: Found a deal on discounted meat or produce and can’t eat it all before it spoils? Plan to make a large batch of a meal that can be frozen, label it and save it for a busy weeknight in a month or two.

Shopping tips:

  • Buy in bulk: This is a great tip particularly for non-perishables.
  • Shop sales: If there’s a sale on things like pasta or beans or frozen veggies, go for it!
  • Clip coupons: “Remember your parents were coupon clippers? Start up that habit again. It can actually be fun!

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Source: Weight Watchers