With all that is going on around us in this pandemic-filled year, we have found ourselves in a state of ongoing uncertainty.  And when we are surrounded by stressors, it can be hard to stay positive. Research has found that positive thinking can aid in stress management and even plays an important role in overall health and well-being.   

According to research, positive thinking can improve your immune system, reduce anxiety, lead to better coping skills.  People that possess more positive emotions build better personal relationships. While many people believe that you are either born a glass half-full or a glass half-empty type of person, we see that positivity can actually be cultivated.  It’s never too late to learn how to think positively and reap the benefits.

Here are 3 ways to build a more positive outlook:

1.       Positive Self- Talk

  • Be aware of your negative “self-talk” and STOP.  
  • Reframe your thoughts by developing positive statements instead of negative ones.

For example, change “I hate the mornings” to “I am grateful for this new day”.

  • Ask yourself, would I talk to my best friend this way? Be encouraging and supportive to yourself just as you would your friend. Take time to praise yourself for little things.

2.      Nourish Your Body and Mind

We all have desires to be loved and accepted and sometimes that must come from within first. Regular healthy habits help provide a foundation for a nourished body, mind and soul. 

  • Move your body each day—exercise, stretch, eat healthy and connect socially to friends and/or family
  • Nourish your mind through stimulating activities such as puzzles, listening to interesting podcasts, discover new books, meditate, and breathe deeply
  • Before bed, reflect on the positives of the day. What are 3 positive things that happened today or 3 things I am grateful for?

3.      Give Back

  • Giving back can improve self-esteem, sense of belonging and make you more grateful for you what you have.  
  • Some ideas include:
  • Perform one intentional act of kindness
  • Offer to help a neighbor or family member in need
  • Donate old clothing or household items to local charities
  • Volunteer at a food bank or local community service project
  • Cook for someone in need

It may take a while to shift your overall attitude and perspective, but over time anyone can develop a more positive way of thinking!

Source: SupportLinc: psh.mysupportportal.com