According to a recent LinkedIn study, 89% of the workforce experienced burnout over the last year. When you are continually exposed to high levels of stress, it can lead to a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion.

Pursuing work-life harmony and taking care of your wellbeing can help you avoid an obligation overload. Giving yourself permission to focus your best effort on a few things rather than all things is a great place to start.

  • Recognize the signs. Signs of burnout include exhaustion, isolation, irritability, frequent illness and depression. If you find yourself feeling stressed more often than not, this could be a precursor to burnout.
  • Ask yourself why you feel burnt out. Do you find yourself saying ‘yes’ to every request? Are you working overtime while taking care of family? Ask yourself why it might feel difficult to step back from responsibilities.
  • Prioritize what is most important. While you may feel tempted to ‘do it all,’ remember that there are only so many hours in a day. Take time to prioritize what needs to get done and when and don’t forget to incorporate self-care into your plan.
  • Set realistic goals and boundaries. Step back and consider your long-term goals and dreams. Will working extra hours help you achieve your career and family goals? Or, is that time better spent exercising and improving your physical health, connecting with loved ones or pursuing a favorite hobby?
  • Seek support. For support and resources to help you balance it all and prevent burnout, reach out to your mental health provider or contact your employee assistance program.

Resilience is the ability to successfully bounce back in the face of adversity. Being more resilient can help improve overall well-being – emotionally, physically and mentally – and provide a greater feeling of satisfaction at home and work. Explore the SupportLinc EAP Resilience Toolkit to find tip sheets, flash courses and daily inspiration to start building your resilience today. 

Resource: SupportLinc EAP – Wellbeing Place