Sitting down and recording your thoughts and feelings can be intimidating, but journaling can help you practice mindfulness, grow your self-awareness and reduce stress. Mindfulness means paying attention to the present, and journaling can help this process by directing your thoughts to the here and now. Read on to discover the different journaling prompts you can use to improve your mindfulness skills.  

  • What made you smile today? Worried about what tasks you need to complete or about phone calls you need to make? Racing thoughts and overthinking can be stress-inducing to the mind and body. Consider taking a few minutes out of your day and reflecting on the positives. For example, think about one thing that made you smile and record that in your journal.  
  • What is something you are looking forward to? Writing down what you’re looking forward to each day can help you find the silver lining even during a difficult day. Even though your day might feel like a drag, try to find at least one thing to smile about. Whether it’s going to an event, completing a project or a few moments of self-care, record something you’re excited about.  
  • How do you feel loved? Has a loved one called you recently? Do you have any upcoming events with friends? Friends, family members and coworkers all play a role in shaping the person you are. When you’re experiencing feelings of doubt, try journaling about your loved ones. Whether it’s through small gestures or acts of kindness, think about the ways you feel loved to bring some positivity to your day.  
  • What are your short and long-term goals? Sometimes, trying to see the big picture can be difficult. Reflect on your hobbies, career and other parts of life. How are you taking small steps to achieve your goals? Journaling about your dreams can help you realize them! 
  • What are a few things you love about yourself? Mindfulness journaling also means practicing self-love, which is important every day. Practicing self-reflection can be a great way to identify your strengths and weaknesses. If you’re feeling down, write down just a few things you love about yourself. While this might seem difficult, try finding even something small you enjoy about yourself. 

Mindfulness journaling can help you realize your thoughts and feelings in a more objective manner. Take a few moments each day to express yourself and channel your emotions onto the page.   

Resource: SupportLinc EAP – Wellbeing Place